Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

Pruning the trees in your garden is necessary to ensure that they remain healthy and safe. Tree surgery can help you to regulate the size or shape of your tree, and you can help improve your tree’s flowers, fruit or timber quality by removing dead branches and promoting growth.

There are optimum times of the year to prune specific varieties of tree and our surveyors can advise you on the best options for your garden and your circumstances.

We are happy to prune the hedges, shrubs and trees in your garden, whether it’s large or small. Our tree surgeons are pleased to undertake work for customers across Nottingham. Our customer service promise means that you can book an Hunton Trees surveyor to visit your property for a free consultation and they will provide you with advice and guidance as well as a no obligation quotation.

We’re fully insured and have access to a range of specialist machinery, which means you can have complete confidence in the high level of service that we’ll provide.

Crown Reduction

Reducing a tree’s branches and foliage can make a tree more suited to its environment and reduce the amount of shade it produces in your garden.

Crown Thinning

Removing smaller branches enables more light to pass through your tree without altering its size or shape. Crown thinning also allows wind to pass through the branches more easily and reduces the risk of the tree being damaged or blown over in high winds.

Crown Lifting

Removing the lower branches of your tree increases the clearance height under the tree and can improve access to the areas of your garden below the tree.